Flood Damage Prevention

Creating a New Resolution

Earlier in the year, the county received a visit from a representative of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Among other things, he informed us that the county's current Flood Damage Prevention Resolution was outdated and did not comply with federal regulations. As a result, a revised Flood Damage Prevention Resolution (PDF) was developed using a state model.

Helpful Resources

Questions regarding this Resolution, building in a Floodplain or permits that might be required, may be directed to the Logan County Soil & Water conservation District at 937-593-2946. The Floodplain Administrator is Allison Fowler, and she may be reached at 937-404-3147. Allison's email is allison.fowler@oh.nacdnet.net  
If you are planning on constructing, adding on or remodeling any existing structure you will be required to submit information with your building plans indicating the location of your project in regard to Floodplain. You can download a copy of the "Floodplain Determination Form" which can be found on our Helpful Documents page Floodplain with other helpful information.