4R Tomorrow

Doing right for our tomorrow - 4R Tomorrow

Water quality and nutrient stewardship go hand-in-hand.  The 4R Tomorrow program is an outreach program designed to share the importance of conservation measures in our daily life - efforts that will improve water quality and soil health.  The challenges facing our state's water resources can be addressed as long as we all work together.  We are all a cause of the issues at hand and we are all a part of the solution. 

4R Tomorrow is a program created by the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, with the support of the Ohio Soybean Council, to educate and promote the wise nutrients management to conserve water quality and soil health using the 4R nutrient stewardship principles and conservation practices. 

What are the 4 rights?  
  1. Right Fertilizer Source - matches fertilizer type to crop needs.
  2. Right Rate - matches amount of fertilizer to crop needs.          
  3. Right Time - makes nutrients available when crops need them.
  4. Right Placement - keeps nutrients where crops can use them.