What is the cost of a sanitary sewer permit?
Well, it depends. For most of our customers the cost is $350 plus the cost of an isolation valve. This charge consists of a $100 inspection fee and a $250 discharge fee for a single dwelling unit. An isolation valve is now required for all new installations and reconnects to the sanitary sewer. A 4” valve is $80 and a 6” valve is $265. This valve and locator cap is provided to either the homeowner or the contractor, whichever is appropriate. Regardless, only the landowner may apply for a sanitary sewer permit. For those who are developing multi-unit housing the cost can vary. Always check with the district office prior to any construction project.

Please Note: Occasionally there are aggregate connection or assessment charges associated with a particular property. Please check with our office at 937-843-3328 if these apply to the property you are considering purchasing.

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