Title Office

The automobile and Watercraft Title Division is under the supervision of the Clerk of Courts. This department is linked throughout the State of Ohio by an Automated Title Processing System (ATPS) computer network. This system provides fast, efficient issuance of over 25,000 titles for Logan County residents annually. The Title Office is located in a county owned building with the State License Tag Bureau and the Highway Patrol Driver Examination Station to provide convenient “One Stop Shop” service.

The Title Office collects sales tax for the purchase of motor vehicles and issuance fee for processing each document as is set by the Ohio Revised Code. These monies are then disbursed to the proper accounts of the county and state.

The County’s portion of the issuance fee revenue and the poundage on the sales tax is deposited into the Certificate of Title Administration Fund, which funds the operating budget of the Clerk of Courts Title Office.