The term watershed describes an area of land that drains down slope to the lowest point.  The water moves downhill through a network of drainage pathways, both underground and on the surface.  These pathways converge into tributaries, streams and rivers, which become progressively larger as the water moves downstream. 

Watersheds can be large and small.  Every stream or river has a watershed and small watersheds join to become larger watersheds.  Watershed boundaries follow ridgelines and meet at the bottom where water flows out of the watershed.  We all live in a watershed.  The water that falls on your property eventually ends up in a stream or river somewhere. 

The highest point in Ohio is Campbell Hill, which is located in Logan County.  Logan County is recognized as the "Top of Ohio".   Because Logan County is the highest point in Ohio, it is the headwaters of several important rivers in Ohio.  The Great Miami River (Indian Lake), Mad River and Scioto River ((Bokes/Mill Creek, Darby Creek, and Rush Creek)  all begin in Logan County.